created on June 2, 2009 by joakim


I've been passing by Oliver's (Old Zeri's) a few times and always admired how nice it looks. Dark wood, red walls and just such quality look and feel.

Tonight was the night when Oliver's should been given it's first verdict by maltalunch.com. We'll make it short and easy, what a great place. I actually saw a review on tripadvisor just an hour before we left, a British couple who had been dining around in the St . julians area but never really enjoyed it before th
ey discovered Oliver's.

We wern't disapointed either, the menu is Italian having Duck, beef, lamb and fish as main courses. Short and simple, thats the way it should be.


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joakim, January 1, 2010


Unfortunately it looks like Oliver's has moved or closed down. In their old premises is now a restaurant called "Malta Mama" - haven't tried that one yet but menu looks classic and prices descent.

septiyan, June 2, 2009


Highly recommended!

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