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created on August 15, 2009 by haberc


OK let's go!

Around 2 weeks ago I went to Gozo for a long weekend with my girl friend and two other couples who are friends of ours.

For dinner on Saturday we decided that we could go out to eat in order to completely relax, since we cooked every day, both for lunch and dinner to save some cash. A mate of mine (who I normally don't trust :P) suggested that we go to a restaurant situated in Xaghra's piazza called Oleander.

The place is a bit small at first glance and gives the impression of a small family run restaurant with an antique and dark wood style accompanied by some other "classical" ornaments. The place had a typical Gozitan environment, which was really quiet and soothing thus creating the perfect relaxing/romantic atmosphere, if you don't mind a cat purring next your leg that is.

My partner and I started off with some pasta tagliatelle with a rich zesty sauce mixed with thin sliced duck breast. We weren't too keen on eating a heavy full course meal so we decided to share the starter between us so we would be able to eat the main course, which for me is the most important dish, while she would be looking forward to have desert. The pasta was very good and I was tempted to lick the remains on the plate but my girlfriend stopped me and gently reminded that free bread was provided.

As for the main course I took a mixed meat and poultry platter consisting of a fillet of beef, chicken breast and boneless quail along with a side salad and roasted potatoes. Even though the plate wasn't too abundant it was enough even after the half starter I took. The food was cooked to perfection, especially the chicken which in my opinion it was the BEST chicken I ever tasted! It was cooked to perfection; it was juicy and not under cooked.

Finally it was time for desert. We once again decided to share a slice of cookies chocolate gateau, which wasn't anything out of this world, but it was good in its own way. However it was pleasing in its own way having contrasting textures, that is the softness of the cream and the crunchiness of crushed cookies.

The service. We were greeted by a smiling, Gozitan, young woman. The service was quick and efficient considering my girl friend ordered a fish and asked if it would be cleaned of bones. This was done in front of us in a very clean and professional manner. The only thing that I personally despised was that it took them ages to get the bill, but apparently this was because she didn?t understand me when I asked her for the bill so forgiveness was in order.

With regards to pricing it was quite affordable, especially for all the food that we ordered. Including a drink and my now usual espresso the total for me was of ?25. Quite reasonable!

In conclusion: I must say I was rather impressed with this restaurant and I will surely revisit this place when we decide to go up to Gozo again. AS always, there are some things which the owner can improve upon but overall it really is worth its money, so go ahead and give it a try. Then decide whether you agree or not with my review. Until my next review cause now I'm addicted!!


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Oleander Bar & Restaurant

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