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It was quite a surprise to discover this restaurant in the heart of one of the most modern locations in Malta. It's just two corners down from the busiest restaurant in the area, The Avenue, and is generally not as well known. It seems untouched by the general trendiness that goes on all around it; an oasis in time. The decor is tastefully traditionally Maltese, and the menu offers to live up to the same image. We immediately went in but were greeted with a harassed looking waitress/receptionist/owner who could only grumble that the only table for two available was not cleaned yet. We had to wait about 20 minutes at this dirty table for the sole waiter to be able to clean up and ask us for our order. We in turn, asked for a menu, which he hadn't been offered yet. The experience definitely took a turn upwards from that point on forth though. The place seems to focus on giving value for money if one opts for its set menus. And indeed, for less than 15 euros, the menu offered a healthily sized three course meal and free wine and dessert; I was quite satisfied. We opted for fresh fish, in this case swordfish, and although it was nothing special in terms of creativity, it was good solid traditionally cooked food. Towards the end the experience took another dip, for the worse, this time, as they clearly wanted to close at midnight and we were rushed through our dessert and wine. All in all, it's an OK place to chill out and eat a good Maltese meal. There are better places though.


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