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created on September 12, 2009 by glennovich


I'm a big fan of the Brazilian way of doing a barbeque and therefore it was a pleasant experience to learn about the Brazilian restaurant in Portomaso by the name Do Brasil?

Grab your wallet and for only ?28 pr. person (August, 2009) you'll get yourself a top quality buffet that I so far haven't been able to match in any other Maltese restaurant. The salad bar offers many traditional Brazilian dishes along with the well known European vision of a salad bar. However, don't go ahead and get yourself satiated in the salad bar because the real treat is when the meat is being served.

Unlike most other buffets the waiters at Do Brasil will come to your table with a varied selection of meat and serve you directly from the kitchen in the portions you feel comfortable with in this way you're always ensured to get fresh cooked dishes. The prime meat to go for is called picanha, but you'll have to be patience as this expensive meat is not served so often. However, once you've tasted it you'll find the waiting time well worth it.

For my dinner I felt welcome to stay as long as I wanted and was never directly or indirectly told to leave which I value high in my restaurant recommendations. At each table you will find a two-coloured disc with one side being green and the other being red. Flip for green when you want to be served and flip for red when you've had enough or simple need a break. When you feel more hungry you can just flip back to green, lovely!

The place indicates a smart casual dress code, but I suspect that you could show up in basically whatever clothing you want.

If you are not much into meat you can also go for the fish buffet or simply take pleasure in extensive salad bar.

I loved my visit to this stylish, but yet fair priced place and I'll sure be back for more.

You'll find in the bottom of the stairs to the right in Portomaso. Enjoy and don't forget to order a couple of tasty caipirinha drinks!


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Do Brasil

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