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On a fine Sunday evening at Xemxija Bay my girlfriend and a couple friends went for a sushi happy hour at the stylish decorated restaurant Origami on Xemxija Hill ? a decision that we would soon regret.

We all ordered various kind of sushi and waited a reasonable time to be served the food at what turned out be a very cramped table for four people dinning. However, the spirit was high and we were all hungry and eager to dig into the served sushi ? that until I found a dead bug in my soya sauce, that by the way was overly salty!

To find a bug in your food is not exactly a wishful start of a night out with your friends, but we choose to see it as an isolated incident and started to eat our sushi. After a few pieces we all started to look at each other to check out if we were thinking the same thing and we did ? the sushi tasted of nothing and was a big disappointment for all of us and on top of that it didn?t help that one of the pieces had a secret ingredient being a short black hair ? bon appetite!

The four of us in total had around 40 pieces of sushi, three small glasses of coke, two glasses of sake (rice wine) and a still water for a total price of ?50. This was doing happy hour which meant half price on the food. It nearly revolts me thinking about the full price being ?100 on non happy hours and it just feels like theft of your money.

The only good thing to say about Origami is that they have a nice sense of decoration and nicely sake, but that?s about it ? nothing else is recommendable from this restaurant and it only supports my theory that many excellent located restaurants rarely has fine food to serve.

With other words ? stay far away from Origami!



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