Asian Palace Restaurant
created on September 20, 2009 by glennovich


If you value friendly and personalised service from waiters that genuinely appreciate your custom and works out from the concept that an enjoyable experience will make you come ? then Asian Palace Restaurant in St. Julian?s is the restaurant for you.

Once again I was going for a late night dinner on a Sunday evening with my girlfriend and a couple of our friends and yet again we decided to go for oriental dishes and unlike our unpleasant visit to Origami in Xemxija (read more in my Origami review elsewhere on the site), this is how Asian food should be done.

When dinner was served we were looking at lovely boiled prawn dumplings and chicken spring rolls for starters. For the main course we had a grilled chicken salad, chicken cooked in curry sauce with cashew nuts along with California sushi, California roll and smoked salmon on top of rice. When it comes to beverages we were without much imagination and went for the three glasses of Pepsi and a glass of white wine, but hey ? we?re not here to do beverage reviews.

Besides the smoked salmon that tasted somewhat odd everything else was a top-quality cuisine that I would gladly come to enjoy over and over. Never before have I had such a fresh tasting and appetising good looking chicken salad that at the same time seemed very healthy prepared. The chicken in curry sauce starts out mild, but slowly builds up a spicy taste and makes you want to come back for more. The sushi came out nicely and offered great taste and was a visual goody bag along with crunchy chicken spring rolls.

Although it was all fine the big surprise was the boiled prawn dumplings that gave out a tempting aroma and its juicy serving offered a rich taste that I can recommend to everyone out there who enjoy prawns as much as me.

When it was time to pay, the bill showed 50 euro for four people which I find very fair priced for the quality of food and service we were giving and then I forgot to mention that the restaurant didn?t charge us for smoked salmon and the critics for this specific food was welcomed and not frowned upon. This shows me that we?re talking about a restaurant that sincerely wishes to give you a good experience and they so surely did and I gladly give them my recommendation.


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Asian Palace Restaurant

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