Sacha's Bistro
created on October 25, 2009 by hashakgik


It was supposed to be a tired night out at Paceville with my girlfriend but I didn't feel like being surrounded by drunk fourteen year olds and loud cheesy music. While I waited for her to turn up at our rendezvous point in Valletta I strolled around the city; it was nearing 9 pm and the capital was already settling in for a good night's sleep.

I branched off into South Street and strolled down to the very end. I turned back when I noticed the small door leading to a staircase down to this restaurant. I peered inside and the green and red decor coupled with maltese furniture made it seem quite a cosy place; a look at the menu enticed me even further. There was an British couple coming out of the restaurant and I asked them if it was any good, they replied positively. I went to pick her up and told her about what I had stumbled upon by accident; we both agreed that a quite night out would better than Paceville and we were soon sitting on a secluded table in Sacha's.

What was interesting was the offer of a maltese platter and a bottle of wine for only 12.50 euros between us! The wine - we chose Dolcino Bianco - complemented the antipasto and we opted to share a pizza later on, which was one of the best pizza's I've tasted recently. The pizza's base was home made and traditional - as all the restaurant is. The feeling was that great care was given to our meal. We were also waited upon courteously.

Sacha's is quaint and sadly seems to be relatively unknown; the place was almost empty when I was there - which was fine by me. It seemed to be a family run place to me- but a quick google search later tells me that it's owned by a maltese musician and that normally the place hosts live music; perhaps I went too late but it wasn't the case- the music consisted of a looping Gigi D'Agostino CD.

Ideal for a quick Friday evening dinner in a quiet place. Don't expect any high class, but rather a down-to-earth experience (with the patron/barman's kids running around the bar area, however with no intrusion). It's also surprisingly large, and I have no idea how I have overlooked it until now.

The only negative criticism I can come up with is the menu's lack of originality and variety; although they will be willing to adapt dishes to your taste, you won't be spoiled for choice here.

Try it :)


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Sacha's Bistro

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