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Dear all,

Hope I find you well. Its Christmas time once again, and as it is synonymous with the festive season, we are eager to celebrate in the company of our beloved ones. Therefore, we all look forward to gather ourselves around a table, to enjoy good food and recall endless memories to consolidate and unify our relationships. To achieve the aforementioned objectives, I have decided to opt for a unique but yet humble restaurant, that offers a combination of good food and wine. With these ideals in mind, I browsed the internet in search for that particular place. Le Bon Vivant is the name of a restaurant in Marsaskala that has instantly attracted my attention.

As described in the restaurants website Le Bon Vivant means Good life and this it?s not just an ingenious marketing idea. In fact, the culinary adventure experienced at this restaurant truly reflects the essence of ?Good life?. The notions of courtesy, hospitality and customer care are salient traits in the portfolio of Le Bon Vivant. However, I was truly astonished and impressed by the relaxing atmosphere that restaurant emanate. In fact, it actually felt better than home, as not to mention the breath taking pictorial views of Marsaskala harbour by night.

On the other hand the menus are well balanced, in fact a wide selection of meat, fish, pizza and pasta are available al la carte?. Additionally, upon request a separate ?wine bar? menu was presented, which included a vast selection of fine platters and dips. As for the beverage section the selection is equally vast and reasonably priced. The wine list is very informative and accurately describes the wines and their origin. However, the wine list is short of information, regarding wine-to-food combinations to better assist the novice wine taster. Conversely, the owner spontaneously offered his expertise to guide and smooth the wine selection process.

A complimentary mushroom soup was presented, very delicious and very well displayed. The Italian platter (i.e.: A selection of Salami, Parma Ham, Bresaola, Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese, Rucola, Tomatoes, Green and Bell Peppers, Olives, Basil paste, Water biscuits and Bread sticks) was the dish of our choice. The platter was abundant, in fact it served to adult persons with ease. The food was genuine the meet cuts had good tone and colour, both clear signs of high-quality products. Another aspect which I would like to remark is the timing between one dish and another. It was just prefect, I personally detest rushing or dragging, perfect timing is an aspect I consider and value. At last complimentary liquor was also offered.

In conclusion Le Bon Vivant, is a restaurant that strikes all the requisites one might aspect from a restaurant for the success of that special occasion. Good food, vast selection of wines, ample parking, reasonable prices and excellent hospitality - In simple terms excellent value for money. In my opinion, this is an ideal place which I personally and honestly anchorage you to visit. For further information visit the restaurants website at http://www.lebonvivantmalta.com/

Sincere regards,
C. Mansueto


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Le Bon Vivant

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