created on January 9, 2010 by isabell


I had a lot of expectations for this new restaurant as I love Asian food! When I went there the first time it was packed with people, and it was a nice lively atmosphere, with very nice and friendly staff! The menu looked very good and I decided to go for noodles with teppanyaki chicken and a lot of other exciting ingredients. I got the food, very nice presented, I grabbed my chopsticks and started eating... well it looked better than it tasted?

I was a bit disappointed, I?m not saying it was bad, but it?s just not the Asian taste that I was looking for? that?s probably because it is a big franchise chain which makes the food at bit more European and simple, not the essential Asian taste.

Well, I decided to give it a new chance today. I had the tiger prawns as a starter, they were okey. And some grilled chicken in a noodle soup. Not much to say about the food, it?s just not my taste, and I would rather go and eat at Hugo?s, were you get more tasty dishes!

This is my story about Wagamama, if you had a different experience, please make your comment, as we all have different taste in food, and I have friends who love this place.


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ilja, May 10, 2010


Totally agree.
Nice idea and for people in need for a carbohydrate overdose it's fine. Dishes taste good but are simply too big and too heavy.
Just don't go there expecting Asian meats and fine sauces, this thing is a noodle-temple. Nice starters though...

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