La Vecchia Dogana
created on January 26, 2010 by fisher


The Dogana is a lovely place brought up to the present state with a lot of love and care.
The night we went the weather was wild outside and we expected a warmer welcome by the maitre d'.
I could not understand the new idea of letting you finish your drink and then taking you to your table before they bring the menu out. This might work on busy nights but it seemed very cold and out of place mid week on a night which was not busy. The food was all right and quite delicious and the service at the table was very good too and very pleasant. The owner made himself known, which is always a very good idea and all in all it was a nice night out. My own advice is to have the Maitre d' a bit more relaxed and more talkative and please, please, please a selection of vegetables, not one only - the unpopular fennel. Very nice for those who like it but it does not enhance the appearance of the meal on a plate. You cannot go wrong with buttered carrots and French beans or peas at that. Thank you for the complimentary liqueur from the boss but please, especially on a quiet cold night, can we have our coats brought to us? It would have been very nice and very welcome.


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La Vecchia Dogana

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