Ruben's Drive Inn
created on April 19, 2010 by maria84


Went fist time at Ruben's Drive in restaurant two weeks ago, was busy as a normal restauarant would be on a Saturday evening, the service I must say was great and even the timing of the food order was well, very friendly waiter and all. The following week we where so satisfied with the service that we decided to return, the friendly waiter of the previous week wasnt there. we where greated given the menus taken the order for the drinks and left there waiting for half an hour. After getting impatient with no one taking the order I saw a waitress walking by, an average 50 year old waitress with long black hair with glasses and I called her to take our order. Immediatley very very arrogantley I must say she replied to me that she cannot take my order and that I will have to wait. " guess you have to wait its Saturday evening what do you expect!we are very busy" and she refused to take the order since she thaught that waiting for 30 minutes wasnt a long enough wait! I asked her if she was seriously speaking to her repeat client like this and she insisted by saying "yes I am extreemly serious about what I am telling you well you have to wait", To be honest I couldt beleive my own ears and I didnt know if I had to cry or laugh, cause I thaught that this was a horendious sick joke from a stupid old ignorat woman who does not respect the clients who at thee end of the day are paying her own wage. After this scene I just walked off from the restaurant and looked for a better place where to go. The price for the food is quite cheap but at the end you also get cheap service which doesnt make it worth it at all.


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Ruben's Drive Inn

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