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I have been eating at Peperoncino for several years now and it is one of my favourite dining places in Malta.
The premises are nice and very Maltese having the limestone-walls with their warm colours. The staff is professional, very forthcoming and - as my wife tells me - most of the waiters are a feast to female eyes.

The food, a great mixture of meats, fish and vegetarian ideas and some interesting combinations of those.
The style is Maltese cooking with a heavy influence from international cuisine, the quality of the dishes is outstanding.

There are cool ideas they try off the menucardm such as a delicious suckling pig for instance. So make sure to ask for daily specials (including their soup of the day!) and, most importantly, the fresh fish they have.

All in all, this restaurant is perfect if you want to entertain people to a Maltese-style restaurant with international class or just to have a not too fancy but still top quality dining experience.

5 stars for great quality, service and the capability (and willingness) to maintain this standard over the years.


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