Rampila Restaurant and Wine Bar - Valletta, Malta
created on June 22, 2011 by archambeau


I found this restaurant by accident while visiting Valletta with my wyf. It is a beautiful quiet place situated near St John's Cavalier. A historical building built some 100's of years ago. We were shown to the terrace which is surrounded by the city's bastions - great view. My wyf and I had a delicious meal, food was cooked from fresh and very beautiful display. We were very happy to be taken around the restaurant's museum by Neal (one of staff)where he was explaining to us the exhibition of Malta's living 100's of years ago. I liked the voices of people buying and music of that time....it gives more of a feeling to it. A bit more of sight seeing! Sorry sadly did not take photos but you can check out www.rampila.com to see what I mean I would say excellent place infact went there 2 times and both times I was very happy.


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Rampila Restaurant and Wine Bar - Valletta, Malta

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